91403 Macro-economic influences on the New Zealand economy

91403 Macro-economic influences on the New Zealand economy

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What you'll learn

This course covers the things you'll need to know and be able to do for achievement standard 91403.

In it you'll find out about:

  • The economy as a whole, dealing with totals or aggregates – total consumption expenditure, total production, levels of employment and how the different sectors of the economy all fit together in the model of the circular flow (this is macro-economics)
  • Looking at the influences on the aggregates of the New Zealand economy, and examining the reliability of economic indicators of future economic activity
  • Looking at the aggregate demand/aggregate supply model to help understand changes in the economy (this involves supply-side economics)
  • Looking at the key macro-economic goals of government – price stability, economic growth, full employment and a balanced current account.

How you'll learn

There are a variety of ways you can learn and interact with the materials in this course.

Self-paced learning – the material is set up so you can learn at your own pace. Although there are 'suggested' times for each page, they're just a guideline - plan your learning to suit you.

Practice activities – throughout this course there are short activities. These activities are for you, not for someone to mark them. These activities give you a great chance to practise what you've learned and compare your answer to the model feedback. Look at the feedback carefully to see if you have missed out any aspects from your answer.