ESA Digital is New Zealand's leading provider of online learning material specifically designed for successful study towards NCEA. ESA Digital provides a study experience that is an online, interactive and easy way for you to get your study sorted. Based on the ESA publications, we have added interactives, video and other media for an effective online learning experience. It will work on any device with an internet connection, so you can study wherever and whenever you want. 

In each course

Each study guide has all the information you need to know for your externals, written by New Zealand Secondary teachers.

Rich Multimedia content - Video, images and interactives help reinforce your understanding.

Practice activities – Throughout each course there are short activities. These activities give you a great chance to practise what you've learned and compare your answer to the automatic model feedback.

Notes - You can take notes in the course and organise them for easy access to concepts you want to concentrate on.

Practice Exams - Previous year exam papers are linked to each course to test your knowledge.

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We are making more resources all the time so come back and check later if we haven't got something you need right now.

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